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    Silicon Harlem was founded ten years ago with one simple yet revolutionary goal: To transform Harlem and other urban markets into technology and innovation hubs that fully engage in the digital economy.

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Through our digital literacy programs, broadband design and deployment, and cutting-edge research projects along with scholarly conferences, educational workshops and community outreach initiatives, Silicon Harlem reaches a multi-generational audience with our technology expertise.

Silicon Harlem is committed to designing an efficient advanced technological infrastructure that is resilient, fast and affordable. Silicon Harlem has taken up the challenge to serve not just some but ALL Citizens, by leveraging our ability to decrease capital expenditures and increase the ease of doing business in the community through robust and meaningful community engagement.


  • High speed 100/100 Mbs
  • $30/month (Free with Affordable Connectivity Program)
  • Unlimited data allowance




Since 2013, Silicon Harlem has been working and partnering with the private sector, academia, nonprofits and the community to build the next generation of technological infrastructure to meet the challenges that urban centers face today and will face tomorrow.

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Tech Enabled Cities

Tech Enabled Cities

Silicon Harlem takes a broad, city view to prepare communities for emerging technology and to ensure that no one gets left behind. We look to partner with institutions, colleges and universities, and large private companies to trial tech-enabled corridors in real-time. We specialize in creating micro testbeds for AI, urban sensors, AR, VR, and the metaverse in our facilities and across the city that create access and experimentation.

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Advanced Research

Advanced Research

In addition to connecting New York City to broadband and smart city technology, Silicon Harlem is equally focused on continuing to expand our breadth of knowledge and research around connectivity. To do this, we partner with public and private organizations to test, implement, and advise on new technologies.

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The Innovation Space for People

Our 3,000 square foot space at the Silicon Harlem Headquarters in Upper Manhattan offers co-working, event space, after school programs, podcast recording, and the Innovation Hub for People which showcases new technologies on a rolling basis.

C-BETTER FOUNDATION is focused on connecting with vulnerable populations to, improve economic mobility, education, health, and entrepreneurialism. We focus on sustainable solutions to systemic issues in regards to quality education, advanced career jobs, and good health.


C-BETTER is focused on education, entrepreneurialism and moving communities forward. We actively support the ability to connect people that are often not getting exposure and access to realize their full potential.


Our vision is a community where opportunities are available for everyone, particularly vulnerable populations.


C-BETTER addresses disparities that have been impacted by technology and creates challenges for vulnerable people such as African American women. 

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