Advanced Research

In addition to connecting New York City to broadband and smart city technology, Silicon Harlem is equally focused on continuing to expand our breadth of knowledge and research around connectivity.

To do this, we partner with public and private organizations to test, implement, and advise on new technologies. A few examples include:

The COSMOS Project

We partnered with Columbia University to design, develop, and deploy a city-scale advanced wireless testbed in order to support real-world experimentation on next-generation wireless technologies and applications. The COSMOS testbed will consist of advanced software-defined radio nodes along with fiber-optic front-haul and back-haul networks deployed in upper Manhattan where researchers, students, and businesses will be able to run experiments remotely by logging into a web-based portal which will provide various facilities for experiment execution, measurements, and data collection.

Smart and Connected Communities

In partnership with the National Science Foundation, we contributed to The Smart and Connected Communities project, aiming to remedy the relatively low rates of broadband adoption and the deficit of advanced networked devices among Harlem residents. In partnership with Fordham University, University of Arizona, and University of Virginia, the project researches ways in which edge and cloud computing technologies might close the access gap for residents. The final plan will result in lower consumer costs, improved energy efficiency, simplified management, and stronger security. Servers will be centrally located in subscribing buildings, wherein residents can connect to Wi-Fi using affordable devices.

The Mainframe Project

Silicon Harlem is creating infrastructure to build a mainframe in our headquarters, through which Harlem residents can access applications and services. This eliminates the need for processing power at home, which many residents lack access to.

Community Advisory Board

We’ve assembled a network of 20 leaders and figureheads from New York City to advise on necessary actions and ideas in technology throughout the community. Altogether, this board represents over 150,000 residents.

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Advanced Research

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