Silicon Harlem aims to improve digital literacy and broadband access in NYC

Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln Appeared on ABC TV's and Now

Episode 257: Sgement 5, CEO of Silicon Harlem, Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln, Silicon Harlem's Chief Tech Officer share their plans to improve digiatl literacy and broadband access in NYC.

New York, NY -- Since 2013, Silicon Harlem has been working and partnering with the private sector, academia, nonprofits and the community to build the next generation of technological infrastructure to meet the challenges that urban centers face today and will face tomorrow.

Through their digital literacy programs, broadband design and deployment, and cutting-edge research projects along with scholarly conferences, educational workshops and community outreach initiatives, Silicon Harlem reaches a multi-generational audience with their technology expertise.

Silicon Harlem was founded six years ago with one simple yet revolutionary goal: They plan to transform Harlem and other urban markets into technology and innovation hubs, geared to fully engage in the digital economy.

Clayton Banks advocates and stretches the boundaries of broadband connectivity, to bring parity to zip codes, preparing citizens for current and future jobs, and leading communities to sustainable economic opportunities.

Bruce Lincoln has been at the forefront of the equitable development of the Internet in Harlem and the City of New York since 1994.

From 1994 until 2004, Bruce was the Senior Educational Technologist and Manager of Community Outreach at the Institute for Learning Technologies at Teachers College, Columbia University where he managed a ten-year cycle of projects that served as national models for equity and access to the socioeconomic benefits of Internet.